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The Journey to Calm Leadership and High Performance

The Journey to Calm Leadership and High Performance

In today’s fast-paced world, chaos seems to reign supreme. Our time, energy, and attention are constantly in demand, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriad of responsibilities we face. Amidst this chaos, there’s an opportunity to embrace calm leadership and achieve high performance. My own journey has taught me that no matter how chaotic things may seem, we can transform it into success in three distinct phases.


Chaos often begins when we reach for new goals and dreams. We want better health, a thriving business, improved relationships, or personal growth. This pursuit is admirable, but a curious thing happens along the way. What we initially reached for starts to pull us in numerous, conflicting directions. For some, it’s like being pulled in thousands of directions daily. Chaos manifests in various forms – last-minute school calls, incessant notifications, early-morning emails, and personal obligations.

In my early university years, I received a life-altering phone call in the middle of the night, learning that my father had suddenly passed away. My responsibilities then multiplied as I became a solo mother with two young children, facing financial uncertainty and pursuing a real estate career in the midst of a messy separation.

Chaos is the unexpected curveballs life throws our way but it’s how we respond that truly defines our path. We can choose to be victims of chaos or transform it into a catalyst for growth.


This is where we regain control and clarity. We’re no longer driven by fear; we’re focused on outcomes. We invest in systems, processes, and efficient management. At this stage, we build the foundational blocks of our future, ensuring that we can achieve high performance without burning out.

The transition from Ego to Consciousness can be challenging. It requires us to humbly assess our strengths and weaknesses, identify where we need support, and face the reality of our situation. This is when we make the critical shift from cost-consciousness to investment-consciousness. We stop worrying about the price and start thinking about the return on investment. The destination we aim for defines our journey, and the clarity of that destination determines our actions.


Now, we’ve reached the final destination: the Collective. This is where calm leadership and high performance come together. In the Collective, we’re no longer alone on our journey; we have a team of superheroes. We’ve created a cohesive environment where each member understands their role and works in unison to achieve our shared goals.

Here, we embrace calm leadership. We lead by example, mentoring others to reach their full potential. Instead of carrying our team, we empower and guide them to excel. A high-performance environment doesn’t focus solely on what we know but on efficient and effective execution.

Leadership in the Collective is about vision and compassionate, humble decision-making. It’s the ability to envision a better future and guide a team toward that vision. Management is crucial, but without vision, it stagnates. Great leaders balance efficient management with a clear, compelling vision. Our destination in the Collective is one of growth, success, and empowerment. We have the processes, the systems, and the team in place to ensure that high performance becomes a reality.

In a world filled with chaos, you have the power to transform it into success. By recognizing the stages of Ego, Consciousness, and the Collective, you can navigate your path to calm leadership and high performance. Be brave, dream big, and follow this formula for your journey. It’s not about okay success; it’s about achieving the extraordinary and embracing the calm amidst the chaos. 

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