1“I’m so grateful to Kathleen for being such an amazing healer and for giving me such clear messages from my guides. She inspired me to get in touch with my own gifts. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling blocked in any way, it really is all about the energy” – Amy P.

2“I’ve had a lot of reiki sessions with a lot of different practitioners. There are very few times where I leave feeling like a new person. My session with Kathleen was one of them. I felt lighter, like I released the baggage I’d been carrying.” – Indira D.

“Kathleen is very open and compassionate; she engenders trust. As I surrendered to the process, Kathleen worked with me to reach a deep state of meditation, and my consciousness and perception shifted. Thoughts and feelings that had been buried or ignored for years came out, and awareness was brought to new things as well. I was exhausted afterwards, but felt (and still feel) a persistent change – as though a chiropractor has worked out a mis-alignment. I remain grateful and moved. I encourage anyone who is open to such an experience to allow Kathleen to guide you through it.” – Scott B.

3“Thank you Kathleen for a great session last night! I had a powerful experience. So powerful that I couldn’t even bring myself to share with the group in fear I’d start ugly crying and not be able to compose myself LOL. I lost a grandfather who I was very close with about 6 years ago. His last months he was in hospital and had a tracheatomy, causing his inability to speak to us. Because of this I felt like I never got a proper goodbye and I constantly miss him dearly. Kathleen’s guided meditation allowed me to connect with my grandfather and feel his loving spirit. He spoke to me in a non verbal way that was very powerful and overwhelming and beautiful.” – Jas I.