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Who Is Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black
A leader to leaders

Kathleen Black is a globally recognized high-performance mindset & performance expert, bestselling author, and renowned transformational speaker. 

Her unique, holistic approach to empowered leadership and genius mindset training has guided iconic brands and high-net-worth professionals to add billions of additional dollars in sales volume annually.

She is the two-time bestselling author of The Top 1% Life and Relentless to Rise, which is also the subject of the aptly titled, two-time Emmy nominated documentary “The Relentless One”, directed by Emmy Winning Director M Douglas Silverstein. The story inspires viewers to empower their pain into purpose and reach new levels of success, winning over 16 awards touring international film festivals worldwide. 

Kathleen’s remarkable achievements have earned her numerous accolades, including the Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All Award by Women’s Economic Forum. She has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Industry Trail Blazers by The BUZZ, twice as one of the “Top Elite Women Driving the Future of Real Estate” by REP Magazine and as the “Top 20 Emerging Leaders” by T3 Sixty’s Swanepoel Report.

Kathleen is currently headline touring her unforgettable keynote experience, “Shift: The Journey from Chaos to Calm”, immersing audiences in a step-by-step guide to shift out of burnout and into the elite space where high performance meets high reward. As one of the world’s leading holistic performance coaches, Kathleen’s passion is helping companies and teams unlock secret success strategies, unleash their personal power and reclaim the calm in business and life. 

She lives in Oshawa, Canada, with her two independent, free-spirited children, Ethan & Ella. 

“Kathleen’s model challenges you to reexamine your best life, focus on your genius, and leverage the rest. I really did not think it was possible to work in this industry and have both a successful real estate team and home life. Using Kathleen’s model, I have come leaps and bounds. I wish I’d had this information many years ago.” – Stacey F (National Top 1% Producer)  

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Written by Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black, a renowned high-performance expert, bestselling author, and transformational speaker, guides leaders to unlock their potential. Her books inspire billions in added sales volume annually.


Kathleen Black's literary accomplishments stand as a testament to her dedication to empowering individuals for transformative growth. In her bestselling book "The Top 1% Life," she imparts invaluable insights collected from her journey as a leading Real Estate Team Coach and Trainer, guiding readers towards realizing their full potential in both personal and professional realms.


In "Relentless to Rise," Kathleen's words resonate with those seeking to triumph over challenges, offering a roadmap to surmount obstacles and achieve unprecedented success. These books not only reflect Kathleen's expertise but also her unyielding commitment to inspire and guide others towards realizing their ambitions and embracing a life of purpose and achievement.


Moving Your Mindset

Through her coaching and transformative guidance, Kathleen empowers individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and cultivate a resilient, growth-oriented outlook. Kathleen’s strategies and insights foster a shift towards positivity, enabling individuals to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and navigate life’s complexities with unwavering optimism and purpose. Together, we will move from: