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When I was younger, we would play guessing games, ‘Guess how many candies are in this jar’, ‘Guess how much this pumpkin weighs’. I would often get the right answer, on the dot. I’ve always had a strong intuition. But I haven’t always been completely conscious of it, or fully trusted and followed it.

In recent years, I’ve begun to develop a better relationship with my intuition – that guidance system that always knows best. I’ve also gone through a transformative healing journey. Using techniques such as EFT Tapping, meditating, nature therapy, purging, writing, chakra alignment, past life healing, yoga, Ho’oponopono, tarot cards, sound healing, speaking, conscious relating with others, and more.

I felt called to heal myself so that I can be a clear channel, to help others heal, and to receive the intuitive messages that will best guide us all.

If there is something you want in your life, and you’re unsure of yourself, please reach out. You have everything you need, to achieve what you want in life, and to be the person you want to be. I’m here to help you gain the confidence, clarity, and sometimes healing, that you need in order to get there. I act as a mirror, to reflect back to you what you need to know and hear. The rest is up to you. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to get to where you want to be, then I’m here to guide and uplift you along your journey.

I also work with nature healing and therapy. The Earth is a living being and has a consciousness like you and me. We can connect with nature on a very deep level, both to heal ourselves, and to heal the Earth. If you feel connected to nature and the environment, I can also work with you to send healing energy to the planet, and to receive healing energy from the Earth (Gaia) when needed.

We’re here to change the world by changing ourselves. I’m here to guide you on this amazing journey.

Sending you all my love,


1-on-1 Sessions

$60 / One Hour. Sessions are either in person, or through Skype video chat. We connect with your intuition and dive deep into what you’re searching for, or wanting help with.

Group Sessions

In nature, in a classroom, office, or community center. Group sessions are great to dive deeper into yourself, and to share with a partner or the group, respecting boundaries and others’ feelings. Vulnerability with a partner or group creates a sense of oneness. We are never alone. Others can often relate to our experiences and offer support and understanding. Being open in a respectful and loving manner creates deeper connections and sense of community. It can boost morale for your group, whether it’s at school, at work, with friends and family, or with new people.

Public Speaking

In nature, at your school, workplace, or event. Uplifting, inspiring and motivational speaking to engage the audience and empower them to create the best lives for themselves, and ultimately create the best world.

I am currently located in Ottawa, Canada, and available to work with remote clients.


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Thank you & sending you all my love!