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5Kathleen is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been developing her spiritual practice for the past 10 years, with a strong focus in Indigenous teachings and connection to nature.
6She uses Reiki energy healing as a foundation for her 1-on-1 sessions, both in person and through Skype. During a session she balances the chakras of the person she’s working with, while connecting to their energetic field and receiving guidance for them. This allows people to understand and release emotional blockages held in their body, receiving the clarity and empowerment to move forward in life.

4She has taught students from around the world, to perform the balancing and healing practice of Reiki on themselves and others.
7Kathleen is active on YouTube, where she posts videos on the topic of Spirituality, Nature and Wellbeing, to her following of 13,000+ subscribers. She is also active on Instagram, where she has been named one of the Top 10% of Social Media Influencers in the category of Spirituality, by klear.com


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1-on-1 Skype Session with Kathleen

Oracle Card Reading, Distance Reiki, Spiritual Guidance

60 min   |  HOLIDAY SALE 50% OFF!  $80 $40


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What you will need for the session:

  • A comfortable, quiet space, where you can either sit up or lay down (or both)
  • Good internet connection
  • A Skype account – add contact kathleen_632


All times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time – New York). Please ensure you have properly noted the date and time of your session, and be online on Skype at the proper time to make the most of your session :)


Cancelling a session:
If you need to cancel your session, 24 hours notice must be given, to receive a refund. Otherwise refunds are not given.

Re-scheduling a session:
Sessions can be rescheduled when available, but not guaranteed. Must give minimum 2 hours notice prior to scheduled session if you need to reschedule. Please see calendar for availability, to suggest a time to reschedule.

Thank you ♡



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1“I’m so grateful to Kathleen for being such an amazing healer and for giving me such clear messages from my guides. She inspired me to get in touch with my own gifts. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling blocked in any way, it really is all about the energy” – Amy P.

2“I’ve had a lot of reiki sessions with a lot of different practitioners. There are very few times where I leave feeling like a new person. My session with Kathleen was one of them. I felt lighter, like I released the baggage I’d been carrying.” – Indira D.

“Kathleen is very open and compassionate; she engenders trust. As I surrendered to the process, Kathleen worked with me to reach a deep state of meditation, and my consciousness and perception shifted. Thoughts and feelings that had been buried or ignored for years came out, and awareness was brought to new things as well. I feel a persistent change – as though a chiropractor has worked out a mis-alignment. I remain grateful and moved. I encourage anyone who is open to such an experience to allow Kathleen to guide you through it.” – Scott B.

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